Böschen is pleased to announce we recently added the updated Panache range to our collections.

Panache Lingerie is one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of D plus lingerie. For nearly 30 years, our commitment to innovation and inspired thinking has gained us an excellent reputation for fit, technical ability, quality and value for money.

The Autumn / Winter 2018 sees embellished details, fancy laces, superb embroideries and all manner of accessories for a rich and decorative theme. Patterns are inlaid and intricate and even when a monotone coordinated set or body appears, there is that extra touch of fringing or even lurex sparkle to enliven the garment. No one colour dominates the palette but popular shades to watch out for are sapphire, amethyst and midnight blue (jewels); rose, lavender or heather (soft and wild foliage), yellow and old golds and perhaps surprisingly touches of green. You'll find all manner of pants styles and even the thong seems to be regaining a bit of ground but shorties are a must-have option.

Only one problem, you will be spoilt for choice!

Böschen holds three unique brands each with distinctive designs and personalities, including Panache everyday comfort up to a K cup, Panache Sport for ultimate support whatever your sporting challenge, and Panache Nursing for the recent mum's among us.